The forks – new ICO? In 2018, projected to 50 forks of Bitcoin

In 2017 there were 19 forks of Bitcoin, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. This process has been mocking IFO (Initial Fork Offer), but it cannot be considered complete. At least 50 forks of the blockchain is the first cryptocurrency projected for 2018. The situation is complicated by the existence of the site Forkgen, which, not possessing special talents, any developer can launch a new coin on the cloned platform Bitcoin. Perhaps the appearance of forks and other popular cryptocurrencies.

Managing hedge Fund Ari Gender (Ari Paul) predicted in his Twitter
January 14 that in the near future at least 10% of the current value of bitcoin moves in the forks:

«BTC and BCH will continue to hardforce and >10% of the value of each coin (as of today) will move to the new network.»

Ppl were arise for different reasons. Although some developers are genuinely interested in improving the project, many people simply seek to profit from the name «Bitcoin» and capitalize on it. Coinomi President, George Kaminis (George Kimionis), made the following statement
in relation to the forks of Bitcoin:

«Unfortunately, most of the projects on jcyjdt fork is an attempt to earn more money. Looking back a few years, we understand that it is only the mutations that encourage investors, blinded by the rising prices, instead of honest attempts to contribute to the environment of the blockchain».

In the near future forks can be an alternative to the initial public token (ICO). Instead of releasing «new» from the point of view of the brand, can hold the fork and get a coin with a famous name and a ready base of users. However, the life time of most of these projects will be short-lived: two dozen that have already happened forks only Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin and Gold were able to achieve significant popularity and relatively high cost, while most of the «new revolutionary Bitcoins» sold within several days or weeks.

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