The founders of Litecoin and Monero discuss cooperation opportunities

The maker of Litecoin Charlie Lee in the series of posts on Twitter, which he published recently, expressed the desire to work with Monero. In they claimed that the liquidity of Litecoin will go well with the anonymity and functionality of Monero.

The project Monero (XMR), headed by Ricardo of Spanyi (Riccardo Spagni) and Litecoin (LTC), created by Charlie Lee, apparently, is taking the first steps, thinking about the cooperation between the two networks. 27 Jan Spanyi did in his Twitter entry in which he mentioned a possible merger of the two cryptocurrencies.

Lee, who previously expressed a desire to improve the anonymity of Litecoin, quickly responded to this statement with a series of records
in his Twitter, where he said that the words of Spanyi joke, and that we are not talking about a full merger of the coins, but cooperation, in particular, in implementing an atomic swap.

In the message the emphasis on the fact that many already consider the future of the cryptocurrency network atomically swaps, allowing to exchange one coin for another without intermediaries, quickly and safely. Lee also said that it was great to Supplement the liquidity of Litecoin unique anonymity and functionality Monero.

Not long ago, Lee sold
all your LTC to avoid conflicts of interest that may arise in connection with his influence and position as founder of Litecoin. A large part of the community took this gesture as an attempt to disavow their own coins, which he created in 2011.

It is unclear whether set in motion the idea of partnership between the two cryptocurrencies, however, if this happens, the result is certainly interesting and perhaps the first such major precedent in the industry of cryptocurrency.

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