The graduate student was able to receive encrypted in the DNA of bitcoin

Graduate student, Waits sander (Sander Wuyts) win 1 bitcoin by cracking the code in the challenge, announced three years ago, at the world economic forum 2015 in Davos.

Sander, Suits have successfully solved the problem of storing digital information in DNA before the expiry of the period fixed by its Creator, Professor at the European bioinformatics Institute, Nick Goldman (Nick Goldman), who suggested those who wish to read the keys in an encrypted thus the instance of cryptocurrency to get in return for this 1 bitcoin.

«DNA contained the instructions on how to obtain a bitcoin logo European bioinformatics Institute, the figure of James Joyce and some other things», – said the author of the project.

Suits, and a small team even organized a «small hackathon» to expand the opportunities of breaking the code of DNA.

«To be honest, I had doubts about the possibility of using DNA for data storage. This case changed everything. Now I know very well that this new technology offers great possibilities, maybe even for my own future research,» he said.

He added that he will spend the prize money to Fund research and reward those who helped him win.Recall that at the time of the start of the challenge bitcoin was worth about $329, and now its price is about $11 000.

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