The group filed a lawsuit against the organizers of the ICO Tezos

Another class action was filed in connection with the ICO to 232 million dollars, held by the startup Tezos this year. This is the fourth attempt at filing a class action against the project. In the new statement of 13 December, on behalf of plaintiff Bruce MacDonald (Bruce MacDonald) a requirement to issue restraining order on the assets collected as part of the sale of tokens.

Among the defendants named founders Tezos Arthur and Kathleen Brightman (Arthur and Kathleen Breitman), Dynamic Ledger Solutions, Tezos Foundation, Johann Gevers (Johann Gevers), Diego Pons (Diego Ponz) and Guido Schmitz-Krummacher (Guido Schmitz-Krummacher), which resigned as the Fund’s Board of Directors. Crypto-currency company Bitcoin Suisse AG and its co-founder Niklas Nicolaisen (Niklas Nikolajsen) are also included in the list of defendants.

The statement claimed that the organizers of the sale tokens Tezos violated U.S. laws on securities:

«The defendants took advantage of the hype around the technology of the blockchain and bitcoins to raise funds through ICO, illegally selling unregistered securities through a Swiss company in order to evade compliance with the securities laws of the United States.»

Earlier in relation to ICO Tezos it was reported that the founders started a lawsuit with the President of the Swiss non-profit Foundation — structure created to host the ICO and control over the collected funds. In November, the information appeared that the case can be reviewed in Zug.

In the application for the temporary restraining order, submitted on 14 December, States that the ICO Tezos assets worth more than $ 1 billion. The purpose of the restraining order is to prevent the sale or transfer of digital assets obtained during the ICO. The full text of the claim group can be found here.

This week, a similar lawsuit was filed against Centra ICO, the organizers of which are in violation of the securities Act. In the framework of the ICO has collected $ 30 million for the development of debit cards for cryptocurrency.

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