The head of Canada’s Central Bank: cryptocurrency trading is comparable to gambling

The Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz (Stephen Poloz) said that investing in bitcoin is akin to gambling, and is seeking support for financial regulators in other countries to develop rules for cryptocurrency trading.

Poloz said that he is not ready to call it a cryptocurrency asset and has warned investors against ill-considered and hasty steps:

«Bitcoin is neither a currency nor an asset. I’m not sure what it is. Bitcoin has no actual value and cannot be the object of analysis. Of it highly speculative and are reminiscent of gambling», — said the official.

It is known that he had previously expressed a similar opinion and compared the real high-risk securities.

Lars Rode (Lars Rohde), head of the Danish Central Bank, shares the view of colleagues and also allows yourself to compare the cryptocurrency investment casino game.

The collapse of the cryptocurrency market, according to Stephen Poloz, will have a global impact on the world economy. The Bank’s main goal in seeking to resolve the cryptocurrency market is to protect consumers.

Poloz, like most other critics, separates from cryptocurrency blockchain, which he considers brilliant and applicable to many areas of the economy.

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