The head of ICE: Existing cryptocurrency trend can not be ignored

According to statements by the head of Intercontinental Exchange Inc., the owner and operator of the new York stock exchange (NYSE), Jeff Sprecher (Jeff Sprecher), it does not exclude the possibility of running in the future futures contracts, as at the time did their competitors the CBOE and CME.

«Existing cryptocurrency trend can not be ignored, on the contrary, it is necessary to derive the maximum benefit as it is already done by the CBOE and the CME. I am surprised only one thing: why do people trust some unknown guy by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, more than the fed,» said Jeff Sprecher.

In turn, the trading platforms the CBOE and the CME, which launched in December last year, futures on bitcoin, are already negotiating with regulators to launch a cryptocurrency ETFs and other similar products.

«Despite the fact that the current futures trading volume on bitcoin exchanges CBOE and CME is not enough for successful work with the ETP-products CBOE believe that these volumes will increase in the near future and achieve levels comparable to futures on other commodities, and then they can be made part of the ETP,» — said the President CBOE Chris Concannon (Chris Concannon).

Now the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA have returned to the issue a Bitcoin ETF, which is developing the company Pro Share Capital Management LLC.

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