The head of Rospatent has declared its readiness to work with the technology of the blockchain

At the last press conference of Rospatent «Intellectual property rights in the context of the digital age» the head of the Federal service for intellectual property (Rospatent) Grigory Ivliev reported willingness to work with the technology of the blockchain.

«We are ready to implement the best projects that now exist in the area of technology, including Analytics and making decisions based on the technology of the blockchain. Why the blockchain? For us it is safer, easier, faster and more efficient,» he said, adding that the organization has specific proposals for «patent project» on the blockchain, and these proposals are already being implemented.

He believes that today’s banking system is most suitable for its adaptation to technology blogchina. «Next year most major banks will carry out transactions with owners using the technology of the blockchain», — said Ivliev.

«We are ready for this technology now this issue worked out with the banks, it is not just a check, based on the technology of the blockchain, and the transition of intellectual property rights, this pairing of intellectual property is a financial transaction for the disposal and licensing of intellectual property», — said the head of Rospatent.

In November of this year, Advisor to the Chairman of Vnesheconombank Vladimir Demin, said that soon will be presented a joint project of the laboratories of the VEB and Misa, which copy the data of Rosreestr transferred on the blockchain, and also said that the Bank has a series of such projects with the health Ministry and Rospatent.

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