The head of the Bank of England: «bitcoin not as currency»

Amid the recent correction bitcoin and then return to around $ 12,000, the Bank of England Governor mark Carney (Mark Carney), claims to be the largest cryptocurrency in the world has shown to be ineffective in almost all areas.

According to him, bitcoin has failed as a viable currency, and as a means of capital preservation. In his statement, Carney referred to the volatility and the weak spread of crypto-currencies as means of payment at retailers.

19 Feb Carney shared his position on the issue of bitcoin with the students of the University of London in London, saying:

«So far he has shown to be ineffective when it comes to traditional aspects of money. It is not a means of capital preservation, because it is stored around the world. No one uses it as a medium of exchange».

Nevertheless, Carney did not deny that the underlying technology of bitcoin is incredibly useful and has become more than a viable way of verification of financial transactions in a decentralized manner.

Earlier, representatives of the Bank of England said that it does not plan to issue its own cryptocurrency, and in December last year, the Central Bank has repeatedly said that bitcoin does not threaten financial stability and does not threaten the global economy.

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