The head of the stock exchange Switzerland called for the establishment of the state of cryptocurrency E-franc

The head of the Swiss stock exchange Laher Romeo (Romeo Lacher) advocated the creation of a national cryptocurrency of the country, supported by the Central Bank.

Lager, said that the cryptocurrency E-franc stimulate the Swiss economy and will also include a payment system, more advanced compared to traditional systems. Lager, I am sure that there would be «many problems» with the development of the state of the cryptocurrency, adding that the exchange will strongly support any initiative in this area.

«E-franc, under the control of the Central Bank, to improve interaction and cooperation, which will be good for the economy,» said Lacher, adding: «I don’t like cash».

The head of the exchange described the hypothetical creation of a national cryptocurrency as a great opportunity for Switzerland to strengthen its leadership position in innovation and adoption of virtual currencies.

In response to the comments of Lahara the Swiss national Bank issued a statement which stated that the Bank «sees no need» to create a national cryptocurrency, and that the existing system of cashless and cash payments are working properly. Despite the enthusiasm of Lahara, the head of the stock exchange confirmed that the exchange and its owners, SIX Group, will not allow trading of cryptocurrency tokens:

«Actually we are not planning to allow trading of cryptocurrency tokens and token-ICO. But we see many benefits of the blockchain for the development of our organizations.»

Lager, supported the policy of the government of Switzerland, aimed at positioning the country as a global leader in the field of technology of the distributed registry, however, recognized the risks associated with innovation in this field.

«From a strategic point of view, I support this direction, but this area is very vague,» said Lacher. «Will be made enough mistakes that we will learn a lot and this will come to success.»

Last month the Minister of economy of Switzerland Johann Schneider-Ammann (Johann Schneider-Ammann) said that Switzerland should aim to «become cryptonatica», speaking at the conference Crypto Finance in St. Moritz. During the conference, Schneider-Ammann described the virtual currency as a «component of the fourth industrial revolution», but added that it is «too early» to decide whether cryptocurrencies require regulatory oversight.

The idea of the state of cryptocurrency in the air is not the first year. Last month, Venezuela began
sale cryptocurrency Petro provided by oil and the Russian state Duma was introduced
the bill on the introduction of cryptorama as legal tender. Estonia has also not remained aloof – in December last year, it was announced that the Estonian cryptocurrency Estcoin close to run contrary to the prohibition of the ECB.

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