The head of Udmurtia proposed to make the Republic a «sandbox» for the cryptocurrency

During his speech at the meeting in the State Duma the head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov strongly criticized the bill on the regulation of cryptocurrencies.

«Russian parliamentarians have a whole year to discuss the problems of state regulation of cryptocurrencies, but did not come to a unified concept of development of the digital economy. In addition, the authorities and entrepreneurs has not formulated a consolidated position in relation to cryptocurrencies. We need to hurry with the decision on the cryptocurrency, as the format of an abundance of caution once again put us in the position of overtaking,» — said Brechalov.

Further the official said that the authorities were concentrated in the cryptocurrency sphere is not on those tasks. Proposed today the bill is overly reglementary the process of the ICO, however, the issue of reducing public risks associated with money laundering, financing of terrorism, the erosion of the tax base, taxation of transactions with cryptocurrencies, as well as the allocation of funds to the Bank account from the sale of crypto-currencies and tokens that remain without special attention from the deputies.

Brechalov believes that all of these factors in the rapid development of the market lead to the departure of companies to other jurisdictions, where the process details are not regulated by the ICO, but created systemic conditions for work.

The head of region has offered to test all of the state initiatives in the Udmurt Republic, which, according to him, ready to digital technologies.

«I have heard the idea to test any new financial instruments or elements of the digital economy in separate «sandboxes» before implementing them across the country. So, Udmurtia are ready to be a sandbox», — said Brechalov.

The Russian government has not yet concluded on what to do in the country with cryptocurrencies to ban their trafficking or allow, but to bring under a special regulation.

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