The Hyperledger project released a 1.0 release Sawtooth

The Hyperledger project is a cross — industry initiative to promote the technology of the blockchain, which is controlled by the Linux Foundation. January 30, 2018 the release Sawtooth 1.0 – second active Hyperledger project in version 1.0 after Hyperledger Fabric 1.0, which was released
in July 2017.

Sawtooth is a modular platform to build, deploy, and run distributed registries using the new algorithm of consensus Proof of Elapsed Time (PoET), which is a lottery Protocol generated on a trusted execution environment provided by the Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) to meet the need of large populations of participants.

«We are very pleased that not one, but two active Hyperledger project reached version 1.0,» said Brian Behlendorf (Brian Behlendorf), CEO of Hyperledger. «This is evidence of the active cooperation of our growing community. I look forward to the emergence of more products and services on the basis of Hyperledger Sawtooth for this year.»

Sawtooth 1.0 introduces a number of new features for companies:

  • Corporate governance. The use of smart contracts to vote on the configuration parameters of the blockchain, such as authorized participants in smart contracts.

  • Advanced mechanism for transaction. Parallel processing of transactions to speed the creation and validation blocks.

  • Support smart contracts Ethereum. The launch of smart contracts in the language of Solidity and integration with Ethereum.

  • Dynamic consensus. Update or change of Protocol consensus of the blockchain in the process of the growth of networks, allowing you to integrate more scalable algorithms as they become available.

New development provides the parallel execution code to improve performance. It also enforces the complete separation of the blockchain and applications, so that applications can be written in almost any language. This allowed the team to implement EVM Sawtooth Hyperledger Burrow as an app, which they call Seth
(a combination of Sawtooth and Ethereum).

Among the companies working with Sawtooth: Active Ticketing PLC, Amazon Web Services (AWS), dotBlockchain Media, Cisco, Huawei, Monax, Open Music Initiative, PokitDok, Primechain Technologies, Central Bank of India, T-Mobile, Wind River and Filament.

«Our clients strive to create a scalable blockchain solutions for their application in various industries,» said Matt Yanchyshyn (Matt Yanchyshyn), head of architecture development AT Amazon Web Services. «The provision of a Sawtooth in the quality of the product turn-key, working on web-services Amazon (AWS), enables our customers to deploy their own blackany for a few minutes, while reducing the time required to run solutions on the basis of the blockchain AWS».

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