The Internet giant Baidu launches stock photos on the blockchain

Chinese Internet giant Baidu launches stock photography on the basis of the blockchain in order to facilitate the protection of intellectual property rights on images in China.

A service called Totem, was launched on Wednesday. It uses the blockchain to make a timestamp in each original photograph from the user with the verified name, and for storing data associated with images in a distributed network.

Representatives of the platform note that due to the capacity to collect data on the Internet, which has Baidu, as well as the use of artificial intelligence, the service will be able to compare the image propagating through the network to the data stored in tracking the blockchain. This will give users the opportunity to file claims to protect their intellectual property rights in case of their violation.

According to the new website, the platform also joined some traditional stock photography services, including Visual China Group, a local partner Getty Images. It is unknown whether this platform is based on open or closed blockchain. Anyway, this initiative marks another effort of the company Baidu, often called the «Chinese Google,» for implementation in their work the technology of the blockchain.

In January this year, the Chinese Internet giant has launched
blockchain-a platform based on the concept of BaaS (the blockchain-as-a-service – the blockchain as a service). The service allows you to make and track transactions, and can also be used for payments in virtual currency, control of Bank credits, insurance management and financial analysis. A month after that, Baidu launched
the new service is based on the game Cryptococci on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows you to trade with virtual puppies, all transactions are recorded in the blockchain.

This is not the first case when an existing technology firm wants to use the blockchain to solve problems of intellectual property for digital media assets. Kodak has attracted the attention of industry, making in the Feb statement
about to launch its own cryptocurrency on the blockchain, which will reinforce the unique ownership rights to the photos.

Russia is also preparing to launch blockchain-system for intellectual property protection.

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