The Japanese company plans to pay salaries in bitcoins

To date, bitcoin is considered to be attractive and highly risky investment instrument. There are certainly those who use it to purchase goods or services, but such people are still too little. And certainly almost no one uses bitcoin as payment of wages. However, the company GMO Internet Group has decided to be among the first to change that.

In the company of GMO Internet Group has long taken an increased interest in bitcoin. Now the company’s management is considering an official work with cryptocurrency, including the possibility of payment of part of wages to their employees in BTC.

According to experts, this is a very risky option due to the fact that bitcoin is highly volatile. However, in the leadership of the GMO Internet Group are very optimistic, they believe that the cost of bitcoin will rise and so there is hope for a positive trend.

According to the plans of the Internet giant, employees will be given the opportunity to choose what part of their salary they want to receive in bitcoin. Minimum 10 000 yen, maximum 100,000 yen. This is a very insignificant amount compared to how much you earn, employees of GMO, but this is only the initial stage. Those who decide to move to a system of payment, you can count on an extra bonus to 10%.

Japan is famous for that always keeps up with the times. If GMO will be able to succeed in this matter, there is a high probability that other major Japanese companies will follow this example.

In the opinion of company management, cryptocurrency is a universal means of payment. However, their instability, while negative impact on any attempt to extend the scope of cryptocurrencies.

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