The Korea customs service imposes restrictions on the import of ASIC miners

The Korea customs service (KCS) has added equipment for mining in the current list of items that must meet certain local regulations about the import, such as certificates of safety and sanitation.

According to local news Agency Kyunghyang, the cause of innovations – the increase in the number of ASIC-miners imported to South Korea.

For example, in November and December 2017, KCS registered the import of 454 mining devices with an estimated cost of 1.3 billion won (about us $1.2 million), the report said.

In connection with a significant increase in electricity consumption and side effects associated with this equipment be used for personal purposes, KCS is concerned about the high risk of fire.

According to the news, KCS will consider the safety issues associated with imported equipment on the basis of existing legislation and security requirements for electronic products issued by the National Agency radioslave – governmental body that sets the requirements for the relevant rules.

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