The largest Bank in Poland will store client data in the blockchain

The largest Bank in Poland, PKO Bank Polski sa terminates the test blockchain platform Trudatum Coinfirm for recording and storing data, which he conducted during the year.

Now the Bank is ready to integrate the technology with its current system and use the service for authentication of documents and transaction records.

«The blockchain meets the key requirements for reliable carriers, ensuring confidentiality and integrity of documents provided to customers, which further increases the attractiveness of using this technology for banks», – said the head of the innovation Department, PKO Bank Polski Grzegorz Pawlicki (Grzegorz Pawlicki).

The data registered in the Ledger Trudatum – approval of the transaction or the terms of the Bank for a given product – will be a hash file signed by the private key of the Bank. This will allow the customer to remotely authenticate received from the business partner or the Bank documents.

According to co-founder Coinfirm Kuskowski Paul (Pawel Kuskowski), the company conducts numerous tests of technology of the blockchain with a number of banks, but PKO Bank made the first decisive step in this direction.

«This suggests that the major financial players ready to use blockchain and recognize the huge potential of this technology, which will benefit not only the Bank but also its customers. This step also refutes the myths about the apprehension of banks in relation to the blockchain» – he said.

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