The legislators of Virginia investigating the impact of the blockchain on the public sector

Legislators in Virginia want to form a study group that will study the impact of introducing the technology of the blockchain for the provision of public services.

January 23 was presented a joint resolution of both houses, which in the case of adoption contributes to the creation of a Subcommittee to study how the blockchain can improve the performance of the public sector, including in the areas of conducting the state accounting, storage of information and provision of services.

According to the proposal, research will include the study of possible ways of implementation of the blockchain, and creating a technology plan and assess the impact of technology on other areas. Also it is planned to conduct case studies of technology introduction and research the need to change existing laws for the development of the blockchain in Virginia.

At the moment the bill was sent to the Commission on procedural matters. According to the proposal, the research team is unlikely to receive an official budget for your expenses, but the Chamber of deputies will create a cryptocurrency wallet for private donations to Finance this work.

The new legislative initiative occurred just a few days after the state Senate was presented another bill which initiates the study of the impact of cryptocurrencies on the lives of people in Virginia. In addition, last week it was reported that the South-East coast region began construction of North America’s largest datacenter for mining.

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