The Minister proposes to introduce accreditation of sites for ICO

The Ministry of communications intends to introduce the accreditation of the organizations that are allowed to issue digital tokens – the head of the Ministry Nikolai Nikiforov suggests naming cryptocurrency and ICO.

«Our Ministry has prepared a draft resolution on accreditation of organizations that are permitted to issue so-called digital tokens. This is a digital product that you can buy and sell. You need to define a set of criteria and rules in which this can be done for Russian rubles in the Russian jurisdiction, etc.,» he said.

The Minister has proposed the use of the term «digital token», not «cryptocurrency» or «scriptural».

«We need to define the legal framework for production of digital tokens. They should release some accredited organizations. This may not be Amateur unlimited number of entities. These digital tokens should be allowed to buy Russian rubles. I hardly need to allow some foreign exchange operations with them is contrary to the essence of our banking legislation», – said Nikiforov.

In his opinion, under these conditions technology startups can raise funds by issuing digital tokens. Nikiforov also stressed the appropriateness of legalization in Russia the technology of the blockchain, but cryptocurrency as a means of payment to legalize is not necessary.

«The blockchain can change a lot in how we run government accounting, public services, protected information, we will interact, etc. the Blockchain is often confused with the phenomenon of cryptocurrency. When you say the word «currency» is just the intersection of traditional banking law. But it is important to separate the blockchain from this,» – said the Minister.

However, Nikiforov stressed that legal in Russia should be only the so-called domestic blockchain based on Russian cryptography algorithms, encryption.

«We don’t want to build such serious domestic system to foreign algorithms,» – said the head of the Ministry of communications.

Speaking about the legislation of the digital economy Nikiforov stressed the importance of not trying to overly limit the scope of the legislation that is in its infancy.

«We decided that we needed to go the way of accreditation and to give some professional organizations to implement the first real projects. Otherwise, we will get the technological gap of our country,» he said.

The establishment of an accreditation system sites conducting ICO, supported by the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and the blockchain RAKIB. According to its proposals that the government should do.

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