The Ministry of communications proposes to create a cryptocurrency exchange in Russia

The Ministry of communications has proposed to create in Russia a stock exchange for cryptocurrency miners. The initiative is committed to ensuring that mining transparent to the state and will provide an opportunity to tax the income of miners tax, said Deputy Minister Alexey Kozyrev in the course organized by Vnesheconombank conference «Criptored».

«Operations will be conducted on the exchange, and because of the state they are transparent, be taxed,» — said the Deputy Minister.

According to Kozyreva, on the basis of the Ministry of communications, consultations were held with representatives of the professional community, the results of which had been prepared the concept of regulation of mining.

The provisions of this concept addressed in the updated version of the draft law «On digital of financial assets», where it is expected to share the concept of industrial activity to industrial mining and small-scale retail, that is private, of mining. For industrial mining, the bill will establish specific technical requirements, details of which Kozyrev did not disclose.

On 28 February, the Deputy Minister of Finance Alexey Moiseev said that a bill on the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the coming days will be submitted for consideration to the State Duma.

The Central Bank had previously supported the mining of cryptocurrencies, however, did not approve of the possibility of converting the mined cryptocurrency to Fiat in Russia.

The Ministry of Finance considers expedient to allow citizens to buy and sell crypto-currencies and token-using the trading platform, brokers, dealers and Forex dealers, and licensed.

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