The Ministry of communications proposes to identify the miners on energy consumption and give them two years of tax holidays

The Ministry of communications proposes to give the miners a two-year tax holidays, the continuance of which they will be required to maintain accounting records. After the grace period, legal entities will pay income tax and VAT – will not.

Mining Ministry intends to allow both citizens and companies, as well as to provide them with the quota of electricity and a special rate. To locate miners, the Agency plans according to the consumption structure of the current Internet traffic, which will allow to relate the capacity of mining equipment with the declared quantity of cryptocurrency.

The majority of working group members supported the idea of tax holidays. It was proposed to extend them to five years, as well as set the criteria of industrial mining (for consumption of electricity and computing power) and to tax only that but the private mining be exempt from taxes completely.

«The miners all day and night the same energy consumption as aluminium plants. In the energy company to calculate the miner easy – enough to analyze the profile of electricity consumption. You can try to define a miner and his Internet traffic, but then the miner is easier to hide: traffic can be encrypted, and then discover it is practically impossible, – says Konstantin Vinogradov from the Fund Runa Capital. – You can search for miners where there is cheap electricity and a sharp increase in its consumption. But this is inefficient – this approach is not applicable to small miners, big miners can hide if you distribute the power or get away from the major energy consumers».

«Find miner among data centers is almost impossible: you need to come to each of them and inspect equipment for mining – from the differences in no, – said the Internet Ombudsman and the owner of the company Radius Group Dmitry Marinichev. – Read home mining is possible, identifying high and stable energy consumption. But to prove that mining, you need to find working equipment.»

According to him, the miners can hide: mine in the region, where all spend a lot of energy, such as electricity to heat the house.

«Look for miners is difficult, and controlling them is almost impossible», – said Vinogradov. He advises to follow the example of Belarus, where mining is legal.

«If the Russian legislation threatens the business of miners, they will go to Belarus – sure fit – do Not help and low prices for Russian electricity.»

The decree «On the development of the digital economy», which allowed the citizens of Belarus mine, to change, to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without any limits and licenses that will contribute to this.

«If cryptocurrency is a digital product, then what about VAT? If a speculative profit or conversion tools, how to deal with income tax and personal income tax?», – emphasizes the Minister of communications Nikolay Nikiforov.

«Tax breaks will give the opportunity to adapt, two years for cryptocurrency – eternity, – said the partner of the law firm «Buz’ko and partners» the novel bug. – It is difficult to imagine what will be taxed in two years».

Advisor to the Chairman of VEB Vladimir Demin stresses that produced about 80% bitcoin and Ethereum may even to abandon mining, and agrees that after two years, mining will be totally different.

«It is now necessary to use the moment and create cryptonomicon in Russia, and use the natural competitive advantages: cheap energy and the cold,» he said.

The concept of the Ministry of communications suggests to consider cryptocurrency intangible goods. Markov believes that additional regulation and legal structures will confuse the miners and deter them from state-regulated exchanges, but not hurt them in two years to move to a convenient jurisdiction.

The concept of the Ministry of communications has not yet been accepted until February 1, it will finalize and send to the government.

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