The Ministry of construction is developing a blockchain for automated monitoring of resource consumption

The Ministry of construction (Ministry of construction), housing and utilities of the Russian Federation is developing a system of control of public resources on the basis of the blockchain, was announced by Deputy Minister of construction and housing Andrey Chibis.

«We are now working on the technology of the blockchain to save and transmit these data,» he said after a meeting strategic session on the project «Smart city».

The basic principle of the project, which is included in the programme «Digital economy», is to give the citizens a comfortable space and efficiently manage resources with the help of modern technology.

According to the Deputy head of the Ministry, the blockchain should be used in the field of housing for monitoring the quality and use of public resources, and monitoring payments.

Speaking at the meeting, Chibis said that the application of this technology will allow to control the data, to automate the accounting of consumption of municipal resources and to offer consumers tariff plans by analogy with cellular operators.

«It also allows us to introduce discount programs about how consumer cellular. As soon as we move to automate the monitoring of resource consumption, we can offer consumers tariff plans — «Econom», «optimum» and «unlimited»,» – said the Deputy Minister.

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