The Ministry of energy of Chile translates the data storage on the blockchain Ethereum

A statement from the national energy Commission, a member of the Ministry of energy of Chile, storing statistical data of the energy sector will translate into the Ethereum blockchain.

The Department explained that the transfer of data on the public electronic registry will increase the level of security, integrity and credibility of the information available to the public.

The solution based on the blockchain, Ethereum will become an alternative way of storing data, which must first solve the problem of hacking and manipulating information from the database. Given the large number of nodes that will be distributed information, this will solve the problem of data security.

At the moment, in the first phase of the project «Open energy», the Commission started to translate some types of data on the blockchain. The results will be examined by the Department and transferred to other public authorities and companies in the sector.

«We are keen to bring this technology to practical application as world-class experts consider it as the most revolutionary technology of the last decade, which will become a part of everyday life in the next few years», — said the Minister of energy of Chile Susana jiménez (Susana Jimenez).

His decision to move storage of data with normal network has access to the blockchain of Ethereum, the Commission explained that the presence of «hundreds of thousands» in the server, authenticating the data, making the network inaccessible to those who try to hack it.

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