The Ministry of Finance does not support the bill of the Communist party on the establishment of cryptorama

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation did not support the bill proposed in late January by MP from the faction of the Communists Rizvan Kurbatov, in which it is assumed the establishment of a national system of mining, and the introduction and legalization of cryptorama digital financial asset.

In the document «the Federal law «On the system of distributed national mining» contains nine articles setting forth the basic terms and concepts, and amendments to article 140 of the Civil code, which legalized national digital currency — creatorul.

Earlier the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank collectively discussed the issue of the establishment of the state of cryptocurrency. The assessment concluded that the introduction of such asset does not give an objective economic advantages, but has several technical limitations.

The Finance Ministry does not agree with a number of definitions of the new bill and with the absence of certain concepts and provisions, and in particular: «Not disclosed the definition of «national mining company» and its difference from the usual, and there are no provisions regulating the issue of new units cryptorama and their subsequent circulation.»

About inexpediency of introduction in Russia of cryptocurrency have already expressed, and Alexei Moiseev, Deputy Finance Minister:

«I don’t understand what cryptool. Electronic money, the «Yandex-purse» is clear, fast and reliable, with perfect absence of risk. If we abandon constitutional principle when the issue is made by the Central Bank, then, of course, possible to produce scriptural,» said Moses.

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