The Ministry of Finance put forward his version of the regulation the ICO

Discussion of regulation the ICO in Russia is becoming more intense. Today’s version of the bill was presented RAKIB, and the Ministry of Finance has published its proposals as part of the development of the bill to be presented tomorrow. The Finance Ministry has proposed to limit the volume of borrowing through the ICO one billion rubles, while investments qualified investors should not exceed 50 thousand rubles, said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev.

«We proceeded from the fact that a billion rubles to attract through ICO, and not more than 50 thousand in one hand, if the unskilled investor. If a qualified investor, without restrictions,» he said.

Moses noted that the Agency intends to make the bill about cryptocurrency, which will be presented on 28 December in the state Duma as direct action, minimizing reference to the norms of the Central Bank. In this case the Supervisory body will be the Bank of Russia.

«I’m afraid that regulations ICO has not become another currency controls, where there is a huge number of rules. Need to any student in the pros, reading the law, immediately understood what is necessary and what is not necessary», – he said.

The cryptocurrency market participants believe that the Finance Ministry’s proposals to limit the amount of logical and the fit and ordinary users.

«I think it’s a great starting position to the market that there are some limitations on the amount of General attraction and qualification of investor.

Going to look directly at things: if a person has the amount is significant, it will somehow deal with the qualifications in the view of the investor, and if it is a normal user, 50 thousand rubles — this is more than a sufficient sum for his entrance,» — says the founder of the portal DeCenter Evgeny Gordeev.

According to him,based on their experience of the world of ICO, a thousand dollars is often is the amount you invest mass retail investors.

«Proposals for the regulation of the ICO seem logical. The threshold of 50 thousand rubles seems to be underestimated, I would suggest 500-600 thousand rubles,» — said the Director of investments in the investment Fund CryptoLife Mansur Guseynov.

«This is a logical solution, because we do see many of the projects attracted a huge amount – more than hundreds of millions of dollars. And these levels of investment are many times higher than the amount of funds required for the development of the project at the initial stage», — said the spokesperson of the Waves Platform in Russia Gleb Kostarev.

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