The Moscow city Duma: the blockchain is able to improve the quality of city management

The meeting of the Commission of Moscow city Council on culture and mass communications discussed the issues of legal regulation and practical application of the technology of the blockchain.

«The use of the blockchain in the sale of theater tickets will help get rid of dishonest sellers,» said the Chairman of the Commission of Moscow city Council on culture and mass communications Evgeny Gerasimov at the meeting of the Commission.

«Regulation of cryptocurrencies should be done under close supervision, including those under the control of the Moscow city Duma and deputies. The use of technology at their core – the blockchain – can positively influence creative collectives of theatres, distribution of tickets. We know that the ticket is accompanied by many violations. I think the use of the blockchain and cryptocurrency in this process will allow to avoid negative examples that exist in the sale of tickets,» – said the Deputy.

In addition, Gerasimov believes that the use of the blockchain will facilitate the rapid collection of money for the performances.

«The blockchain is largely disruptive technology. All countries, companies, authorities try to find its most effective application. The current stage is characterized by global changes in systems of governance, and the blockchain here can be very useful,» – said the Deputy head of the Finance Department of the city of Moscow Andrey Semenkin.

However, according to him, while cryptocurrency is just electricity, processed into information.

«Certainly, she is the answer to the query time, a necessity of certain payment instruments, appropriate technological development. This is a handy tool for those who are ready to change real money for play. From the point of view of business use of cryptocurrencies, their main disadvantage – uncertain status. This issue is not yet resolved at the state level,» he recalled.

The Chairman of the Commission MHD on environmental policy Zoe Zotov stressed the importance of technology for the city program «Smart city». The use of the blockchain creates the most convenient, affordable and personalized digital environment, increase the efficiency of urban management due to the wide big data analysis and implementation of artificial intelligence.

«Judging by the appeals that come to us come the people, the technology of the blockchain today is of great importance for the city,» she said.

Following the meeting of the Commission MHD adopted a decision on forming a permanent working group on issues of kryptonyte and blockchain, which will discuss topical issues of application of the newest technologies.

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