The national archives is testing blockchain

The national archives (TNA), the official Agency of the government of the UK, explores the use of the blockchain for data storage.

A research project called Archangel, head of the University of Surrey, with the participation of the Institute open data. In addition, the initiative will be studied the possible impact of the blockchain on the issues related to the management of the archives.

In the account published in the blog on Tuesday, Alex green (Alex Green), the management of digital archives, wrote:

«We can confirm that the record you see today is the same one which has been entrusted to the archive 20 years ago? How can we ensure that citizens can continue to read the archives of the trusted keepers of the digital public record? To answer these questions, Archangel is trying to understand how to determine that a digital record has been changed and whether the change is legitimate, and can continue to trust this record. In particular, the project explores how to use the blockchain».

As one of the largest and oldest archives in the world, the national archives is a leader in the development of standards and best solutions in this area. The project is aimed at «the provision of a vertical impact on a specific sector in this area focused on solving the problems of the National archives».

Project Archangel is supposed
exploring new technologies within 18 months. According to green, will be created a prototype of the blockchain, which will «gather trusted digital signature obtained from the digitized and the created content.»

The study is funded by the Council on engineering and physical Sciences research, which invests more than £ 800 million a year for research in fields such as mathematics, science and information technology.

Official statement of the National archives followed a month later, after the University of Surrey has won
three requests for testing the technology of the blockchain in projects on voting, digital archives and health care. Among them was the Archangel project.

Using the blockchain to protect archived data – a solution that is gaining popularity in recent years. In the early months of the Gosfilmofond of Russia and the Association IPChain signed
the partnership agreement, in which the blockchain technology will be applied to protect the film archive. In addition, in late may, the government of the Republic of Tatarstan announced
on the development of pilot projects that will begin this year. In the framework of the technology of the blockchain will be implemented in government files.


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