The national Bank of Moldova has warned citizens about the risks of transactions with cryptocurrencies

The national Bank of Moldova warns its citizens about the extremely high risk associated with cryptocurrency investment. The national Bank stressed that on the territory of Moldova operations with digital assets are not regulated, and investors risk losing the money invested in the cryptocurrency.

Existing in the world of cryptocurrencies, in particular bitcoin cannot be money in the truest sense of the word. These assets have no real security, and accordingly there is no guarantee that they can be accepted as means of payment, stated in the NBM.

Cryptocurrency has a very high volatility and weak level of protection in comparison with conventional money, regulated by the state financial authorities. Transactions take place in non-state markets, in the absence of any guarantees and protection.

The National Bank of Moldova stressed that the warning issued in light of the increasingly frequent cases of application of different schemes with cryptocurrencies, as in the international market of payment services, and in the country.

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