The national Council of canadian studies testing the blockchain Ethereum

The national Council of research Canada (NRC) is testing the Ethereum blockchain to record public contracts. In the pilot project, NRC uses a platform called the blockchain-startup Bitaccess for the publication of information on government grants and investment through the blockchain with open source.

According to a press release, this initiative is a step towards improving the efficiency of government administration. The program of support of scientific researches NRC is the first project to test the technology and publish information about the contributions. The team will also assess how the government can use the blockchain in other areas.

Co-founder of Bitaccess Mo Edkham (Moe Adham) wrote
in his blog that the company has created a platform called the Blockchain Suite to help organizations see the possibilities of technology. He said:

«Our goal is to enable government organizations to become completely transparent and allow voters to participate in the verification and confirmation of public information.»

It should be noted that NRC is not the first government body in the country, drew attention to the blockchain. The canadian Central Bank has already started to experiment with platforms based on the blockchain, in particular in the area of payments. «Project Jasper», Bank of Canada, located on the third stage of development, conducted research on payment with the securities and resiliency in troubled periods. In addition, the Central Bank of the country had also raised the issue of creating a national cryptocurrency, but the project has not received development.

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