The network of bitcoin mined is more than 500, 000 units

Yesterday, the Bitcoin network noted another «anniversary» figure. This time it was not the value of the course or any important date. December 18, the blockchain has a block number 500 000. This event does not assume any technical or fundamental implications. However, this coincided with the fact that the cryptocurrency market capitalization has increased by $100 billion and now amounts to more than $600 billion.

A mark of 500 billion dollars of total capitalization, the cryptocurrency took place on 13 December and 18 December, the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market amounted to 604 billion US dollars. This event also coincided with the launch of futures trading on bitcoin at the exchange CME.

However, the news that one of the creators of the website sold all my bitcoins is accompanied by the phrase «bitcoins are as good as useless.» Actually, this is another step of propaganda in favor of Bitcoin Cash, and nothing more.

However, the figure of half a million units, despite the lack of practical sense, confirms that the first cryptocurrency, which is two weeks later on 3 January 2018, will celebrate its ninth birthday. And bitcoin really has something to be proud of — in just nine years he went from worthless numbers on the hard disk to the most valuable virtual assets in a world that daily turnover can already compete with many Vietnam currencies, and its ever-growing popularity suggests that soon digital money can be considered as a reliable reserve asset even for institutional investors, banks and hedge funds.

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