The new partnership opens Cryptococcal Chinese market

Blockchain-the game «Cryptococci» broke into the Ethereum ecosystem at the end of November 2017. CryptoKitties app built on the Ethereum blockchain, and game currency is live. Today, the game made 274 615 transactions, with total sales in excess of $19.35 billion. The most expensive cat in the history of the game were sold on December 6, 2017 for a record 253.33 ETH, that the then exchange rate corresponded to us $110 707 and is now $299 444.

Success cryptococcal attracted the attention of major companies in the gaming market. 25 Jan computer game developer Animoca Brand announced the intention to acquire 60% stake of the American company Fuel Powered partner Sega and Axiom Zen, based in Vancouver. Under this transaction, the company Axiom Zen – publisher CryptoKitties, finalized an agreement with Animoca to distribute games in China.


In early December of 2017 Cryptococci clearly demonstrated that currently the blockchain Ethereum is only a demonstrator for future technology, but not ready platform. For a while the game became the largest network application, leaving behind a decentralized exchange, smart contract CryptoKitties generated almost 30% of all transactions Ethereum. Cats has significantly slowed the operation of the network and the pool of transactions increased to 30 000 (however, the January surge in activity has set new records for delays, but the cats for the first time clearly pointed to the problem).

The Axiom Zen team intends to tackle this problem in the first place. CryptoKitties now has more than 320 000 players, but in China a different scale. Tens of millions at the same time playing games on mobile devices – for the blockchain-the game is too much. In an interview with TechNode co-founder of Axiom Zen, benny Giang (Benny Giang) said:

If we talk about the blockchain, the Ethereum at the moment is not capable of handling millions of users like can’t do it any other existing blockchain.

He added that based on the lessons CryptoKitties, Axiom Zen has established a special team dealing with the scalability of the game in the short and long term.

Of course, the recent problems with cryptocurrencies in China slowed down the localization of seals in the Chinese market, but now Animoca and Axiom Zen are in talks with Chinese distributors and lawyers. Meanwhile, the team creates specific functions that are specific to the Chinese market. Chinese Cryptococci it is planned to launch during Spring Festival (Chinese New Year from 15 to 17 February), so all other network users Ethereum can only wish for fast transactions and low fees.

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