The new York stock exchange registers several ETFs on indices bitcoin

The new York stock exchange (NYSE) filed with the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) for the registration of five exchange traded funds (ETFs), tied to the rate of bitcoin – the so-called marginal and inverse ETFs.

The proposed Fund is designed to track trading in the futures market on bitcoin. According to the application, ETFs strive to provide investors with income that multiplies the profit in the underlying market and represent a short term investment.

Among them three of bullish, or margin, of the Fund (Direxion Daily Bitcoin Bull 1.25 X Shares, Direxion Daily Bitcoin Bull 1.5 X Shares, Direxion Daily Bitcoin Bull 2X Shares) and two bearish, or inverse, of the Fund (Direxion Daily Bitcoin Bear 1X Shares, Direxion Daily Bitcoin Bear 2X Shares).

Within the funds represented a price increase of bitcoin by 1% will bring investors, investing bullish ETF, from 1.25% to 2% of income, and they will take 1-2% of investors who invest in inverse ETFs.

«Investors will likely appreciate these products as a way of profiting from price movements, without taking any safety risks when purchasing the actual bitcoin or guarantee accounts to trade futures,» said Dave Weisberger, the head of the cryptocurrency the company CoinRoutes.

If the SEC will approve the new ETF, they will appear on the secondary market NYSE Arca in the coming months.

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