The new Yorker is accused of stealing air for $ 1.8 million

The district attorney’s office in new York filed charges in the robbery and kidnapping against a person alleged to have engaged in the theft of esters with a cost of $ 1.8 million at the current rate. Luis Meza (Meza Louis), as stated
the district attorney’s office, is charged with larceny, kidnapping, robbery and the criminal use of firearms on 4 November in new York against an unnamed victim. The charges were filed in the state Supreme court.

Prosecutors argue that the Mets met with the victim, knowing that she owns a number of esters and lured her into the rented car. According to the indictment, in the car, he pulled his friend a gun and «demanded that the victim gave his cell phone, wallet and keys, while holding it at gunpoint». From there, the Mets allegedly went to the victim’s apartment, where he stole the esters.

The Prosecutor’s office explains:

«Recordings from the CCTV footage obtained later from the victim’s house, show that the Mets used a set of stolen keys to get into the apartment, and then left the house with a box that presumably was a digital wallet of the victim. Additional data show that shortly after gaining access to the wallet, defendant transferred approximately $ 1.8 million in live to your personal account».

In addition to the charges of kidnapping and robbery, Mets is also charged with illegal possession of stolen property, malicious use of a computer and illegal invasion.

District attorney Cyrus Vance (Cyrus Vance) suggested that in the future may occur more crimes of this kind, citing the rising price of the cryptocurrency market.

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