The new Zealand Bank will close the account cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia

The new Zealand stock exchange Cryptopia altayev announced that the Bank plans to close the trading accounts of the exchange for transactions with the new Zealand dollar and the relevant token Tether (NZDT).

«Unfortunately, our current Bank has notified us that it intends to close our accounts NZDT 9 Feb. In this regard, we are announcing an immediate cessation of deposits NZDT from COB today and we ask all clients to stop sending the NZD deposits to our account NZDT», — reads the statement of Cryptopia.

Subsequently, the exchange received notification from the Bank that withdrawals from their accounts NZDT will be available until March 31. In the latest update, Cryptopia wrote:

«We are still working on several options to address the issue with deposits and updated news to the extent possible».

Cryptopia is a popular exchange alithinou that allows clients to trade 400 digital currencies including bitcoin and litecoin. Convert new Zealand dollars to cryptocurrency and their depositing in NZDT gives traders an opportunity to get into the market and exit from it.

Richard MacManus (Richard MacManus), columnist and trader Cryptopia, said on Twitter that not only Cryptopia faced with banking problems in the country. He wrote that according to rumors, at least one exchange is experiencing similar difficulties and that the problem is not the exchanges, and banks.

This situation contrasts sharply with the position of the Australian banks that made the
all so that customers could buy cryptocurrency. However, according to Karen Scott-Howman (Karen Scott-Howman), Director of bankers Association of New Zealand, one of the main reasons why banks struggle with digital currencies, due to the laws
to combat money laundering. She said:

«It is important that banks comply with the laws, and they are very serious about their obligations. They have invested heavily in the development of internal policies, systems, processes and staff training to ensure the identification, management and mitigation of any risks that are punishable by law.»

She added that banks must be able to identify the senders and recipients of funds, and also to know the source of these funds.

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