The number of installed cryptomate rising despite falling prices

Despite the fall in the prices of cryptocurrencies and the decline in the market capitalization of bitcoin, the installation and use of kryptonate in recent months continues to grow.

The position Bitcoin is now difficult to call favorable. 19 Dec the main cryptocurrency has lost more than 60% of its value, dropping in price from $19 900 to $7 000. Moreover, if the spikes in negative sentiment and negative information in the media continues, the price may continue to decline. The situation has affected the whole cryptocurrency market, as oldoini blindly follow route bitcoin.

Many newcomers to the cryptocurrency space have decided to hastily abandon ship in a panic sell available to them at the hands of digital currency. This further exacerbates the situation, contributing to a further reduction in prices. In just one month the total market capitalization of crypto-currencies decreased by 56% and dropped below $ 400 billion.

Positive moment

However, in reality it’s not so bad. If to turning to chart three months ago, we will see that in November of 2017 total market capitalization was $ 200 billion, that is, was 48% below what we have now. In addition, some industry participants, the situation with the fall in prices was quite attractive – in particular, we are talking about the suppliers of cryptomatic. According to information on the website in recent months the number of installations of cryptomate increased significantly.

At the time of writing, there were 2 177 cryptomate. About 43% of cars, in addition to bitcoin, support oldoini. Average daily appear in the world 5 new cryptomate, and for a period of market correction was installed as much as 136 of the terminal. Last year, the number of cryptomate doubled from 954 in January 2017 to 2 028 in January 2018.

It is advantageous if cryptomate?

A leader in the use of kryptonates are the United States, the number of installed machines is 1 296. In second place is Canada, which operates 340 cryptomate. The third place is Britain, the number of cryptomate here is equal 108.

Despite the fact that Japan and Asia are leaders in the cryptocurrency world volume of trade, on this continent, there are only 47 cryptomate, accounting for only 2.16% of the total. It is obvious that an additional advantage of using terminal is very convenient, but is expensive. The average size of the fee for buying bitcoins in the terminal is 10.17%, the sale is necessary to pay about 7.13%. Thus, it is not the most economical way to use bitcoin. Other alternatives, for example, Ethereum and Litecoin have a much lower fee in the future have every chance ahead of the main cryptocurrency.

As more and more countries are going to regulate cryptocurrencies, many manufacturers of cryptomate integrate their machine identification function. Operators can disable these functions, but often their use is mandatory. In some regions allowed anonymous use of a terminal, but it does require you to enter a phone number.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that infrastructure development and a General increase in the use of cryptocurrency is a more important indicator of the market than the media publications or conversations about economic bubbles. Market correction is normal and they should not be afraid, and double-digit growth rates for several weeks can not last long.

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