The organizers of the ICO Benebit stole from investors of about $4 million

The project Benebit for 2017 was involved in the alleged development of the platform to support customer loyalty, but now he joined the list of fraudulent ICO, just dissolving in the air. The amount of which escaped to the project team, according to different sources varies from 2.7 to 4 million dollars.

The organisers of the project actively promoted in social networks. The group Telegram, for example, they managed to attract more than 9 thousand participants. The money spent on marketing support for the ICO, including advertising on ranked and popular news resources, totaled approximately $500 thousand.

Photos of the team, as it turned out, was taken by fraudsters from British school website. The test results showed that the published by the organizers of the passport data is also a fake.

Website and social media accounts have ceased to be supported immediately after the end of ICO. Channel admins Telegram, continued the work, but as it turned out, they also defrauded customers, presumably from India, and are not related to the organizers of the Scam. The participants of the channel make resource administration of their financial claims, and individual users in a joking manner say about suicide.

Recently, a representative of IOSCO, the global regulatory body for securities, said about the speculative nature of the ICO warned that investments in such projects are high-risk investments.

Previously, financial regulators of several countries, such as Japan, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia, UK and the UAE, similarly, expressed their concerns about ICO warned investors about caution. Projects such as Benebit, only further fuel the negative sentiment of regulators, and can lead to a significant «crackdown» in most jurisdictions.

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