The organizers of the ICO pay for the token listing on the stock exchanges from $50,000 to $1 million

The participants of the cryptocurrency market, told Business Insider that cryptocurrency exchanges charge a token listing on its trading floors from 50 000 to 1 000 000 dollars.

The amount primarily depends on the level of the platform. The larger – more expensive. The sources declined to name a specific exchange, because they are afraid that it will harm future cooperation with them.

«The exchange is liquidity, and liquidity is money. That is why will always be many who want to trade on the exchanges,» says partner at the venture capital company Mangrove Partners Michael Jackson.

Head of consulting company Swiss Fintech Oliver Bussman partly supported Jackson that from listing on the exchange depends on the success of a project, but recognized that the amount of $ 1 million is a very large fee per listing, as a high-quality ICO-projects carry high costs.

«Anyone who decided to organize the ICO seeks to get to the listing stock exchanges, as it opens access to liquidity. That is why the more exchange, the more effort and need for listing,» he Bossman.

In 2017 902 ICO projects presented on TokenData, 142 failed before the start of the fundraiser, 276 closed after obtaining the financing. Thus, 46% held in the year 2017, and ICO failed, despite the fact that in total managed to attract more than 104 million dollars.

If you talk about 2018, for the first two months the ICO has already gathered over 50% of all collected in 2017 means. Moreover, this figure does not include closed ICO messenger Telegram.

Business Insider contacted ten major exchanges and asked them a direct question: «How much do you charge a token listing on the stock exchange?»

A spokesman for the American exchange Kraken, said that they «do not publish this information.»

According to the representative a press-services of the Korean exchange now is Huobi, they allow customers to vote on what new coins they want to see in the listing.

Coinbase, which owns the stock exchange GDAX, indicated that none of the platforms currently does not support token-ICO.

Mandy Lau, Manager of public relations exchange OKEx, said: «OKEx not require any fees for listing tokens. But as a rule requires the project to increase budget for promotion of their companies to enhance their informativeness and efficiency.»

In the published guide Bittrex says: «Bittrex does not charge for listing tokens on the stock exchange».

The representative Bitfinex said, «We do not charge for the tokens that are present on the stock exchange Bitfinex».

Binance, Upbit, Bithumb and HitBTC has not responded to the request.

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