The Parliament of the state of Illinois is discussing the payment of taxes in cryptocurrency

Lawmakers in Illinois are considering a bill that allows taxes to pay in the cryptocurrency. Therefore, the state joins other regions of the United States and the world, also think about these possibilities. The bill was introduced in February and became the third such initiative this year. Similar measures are also pending in Arizona
and Georgia.

The bill 5335, introduced in the house of representatives of Illinois says:

«In addition to any other payment method provided by law, the Tax Department should also accept payment for any tax levied by the state and administered by the tax authority, in bitcoin».

Public records show that on March 5, the bill was referred to the Committee on revenue and Finance of the state of Illinois for discussion.

As in the case of a bill in Georgia, remains to be seen whether it will attract interest and will get the positive response of legislators, as happened in Arizona. Earlier it was reported that members of the Senate of the state of Arizona adopted
a similar bill 8 Feb. At the moment it is being considered by the House of representatives of the state.

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