The popularity of crypto-currency basket is growing

For investors that do not have the time, knowledge or patience to study hundreds of cryptocurrency, there is a simple method of investing. Cryptocurrency baskets allow traders to invest simultaneously in multiple digital assets without the need to independently manage them.

This year the number of platforms offering baskets of tokens has increased significantly. But do they represent a significant investment for experienced traders or is it a niche product that is more suited for beginners?

Cryptocurrency basket of plenty

According to the forecasts of last year, 2018 should be the year of the tokens. These expectations can still come true, but while the market is gaining popularity another trend is Cryptocoryne, which includes a recommended portfolio of digital assets, often based on a theme. Such baskets can be purchased for one token or one click on a cryptocurrency exchange.

While crypto-currency basket is more focused on the major crypto-currencies like LTC and ETH. Index Fund Coinbase
provides investors with all assets that are included in the lists of GDAX, but since they only contain different ratios of BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC, there is very little that you can invent. For retail investors is also absent, the input route since to buy tokens, the investor will need at least $250 000. On the other hand, these are exceptional, not all services baskets.

One basket — a lot of tokens

5 Jun service called Flipside Crypto launched the basket, created in conjunction with the project In the so-called «basket day» with smart contracts contains eight PoW cryptocurrency. At the beginning of each day creates a new basket, which is assessed according to its volatility, the activities of developers and some other parameters. By far the most innovative approach to cryptocurrency baskets offers portal that demonstrates that in this area there is plenty of space for originality and innovation.

The draft Set Protocol adopts a different approach to the formation provided baskets of tokens. Sets ERC20 tokens can be grouped with smart contracts and exchange for one token. There are also projects like FCTF (First Crypto Traded Fund) that aims to link the price of 10 digital assets to a single token.

Since cryptocurrency baskets are a relatively new option, they are yet to prove their effectiveness or to gain mass adoption. In addition, they have competitors in the form licenzirovanie projects that allow traders to follow the profile of experienced investors and automatically emulate their transactions, and all profits returned in the form of increased number of tokens.

At the moment crypto-currency basket is still considered «starter packs», which are more suitable for beginners. However, given that the service Okex launched the service OK06 Exchange-Traded Tracker, and shortly before the exchange Huobi has released its own basket of 10 tokens, it is possible that soon kriptosistem need baskets storage baskets tokens.

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