The Portuguese Minister and the German economist: «bitcoin should be regulated»

Mario Centeno (Mário Centeno), the head of the Eurogroup and Finance Minister of Portugal recently announced that European regulators control the «overall development of bitcoin», when asked is he worried about the potential impact of bitcoin on financial stability in the Eurozone.

In an interview with Bloomberg Centeno said that the European regulators, like other regulators around the world know about cryptocurrencies and follow them. Centeno has also expressed its concern that the bitcoin bubble and said, now that the regulators are much more aware of bitcoin than in 2008 (when it was not yet).

Words Centeno had at the time when bitcoin is ready to reach a new historical high of $ 20,000. Regulatory agencies increasingly monitor cryptocurrencies and their development. And not only politicians but also economists, for good reason.

The Voice Of Germany

In a recent CNBC broadcast
German economist Clemens Fuest (Clemens Fuest) stated that there is «good cause» for the regulation of cryptocurrencies. Fust, head of the Institute for economic research (IFO) argues that the market should not develop by itself, as regulators need to pay attention to bitcoin in connection with financial stability issues and monetary policy, as well as the possibilities of its use.

The economist noted that the cryptocurrency «payments can be made with minimal supervision or without supervision,» which means that it can be used for tax evasion or the financing of illegal activities. Fust said:

«I think there are good reasons for more serious regulation of bitcoin, in addition to monetary policy».

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