The postal and telecommunications of Ukraine considers it necessary to regulate cryptocurrency

If the Ukrainian authorities will not be able to soon resolve the status of cryptocurrencies, their turnover should be prohibited, said the head of the Department of police of national police of Ukraine Sergey Demediuk.

«In the event of failure in the near future to resolve the status of cryptocurrency in Ukraine, the government should officially ban its turnover to let everybody know that when buying or selling cryptocurrency on the territory of Ukraine, he risks losing their financial investments irrevocably, without the right to defense and indemnification» he said.

«There is today a need as quickly as possible to resolve the legislative level, the issues associated with the use of cryptocurrencies, as well as introducing the necessary taxation of the transactions for the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency. In addition, it is necessary to determine the appropriate rules of functioning of Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchanges and exchange of crypto-currencies,» – said Demidyuk.

According to him, legalization of postal and telecommunications supports the mining and cryptocurrency in Ukraine, although the «appeal of the cryptocurrency is based on the principles of a financial pyramid».

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