The President of Goldman Sachs denies plans to launch a Bank trading platform for cryptocurrencies

President Goldman Sachs has denied rumors that the Bank plans to launch a cryptocurrency trading platform to its clients. In October, the Wall Street Journal reported that the implementation of the project is «in early stages», citing a source familiar with the process. Then the newspaper wrote:

«Goldman is working on the development of different areas of work like currency trading, and strategic investment. It can be assumed that the Bank sees the future of bitcoin as a means of payment, not as a means of preserving capital.»

In an interview with CNBC at the world economic forum in Davos on Wednesday, President of the Bank, Lloyd Blankfein (Lloyd Blankfein) called it false. However, his comments strongly rejected the possibility that one day, Goldman will develop in this direction. He said

«In fact, we said that will deal with the clearing of futures on bitcoin for some of our clients. We are a primary broker, so if our customers are interested in this direction, we will to deal with them. While we do not plan to open trade with bitcoin directly».

Reporters also asked Blankfein, as he refers to bitcoin and invest into it with his family. To this he replied that «cannot speak for their children, the Millennials, but adult family members are not invested in cryptocurrency».

Last fall, Blankfein said that he is open to bitcoin, and the Bank occupied one of the most loyal positions to bitcoins in comparison with most of the major us banks.

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