The project Bloomzed conducts a second round of comensal and run multifunctional platforms

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FINTECH is a term which does not leave indifferent the biggest players in the international financial market. Industry financial technology has recently developed so rapidly that managed to attract the attention of not only visionaries in banking, but also the state, public law institutions. However, FINTECH is only the «tip of the iceberg,» covering many of the deficiencies of the current financial system, but not able to change the rules of the game as a whole. But what could replace such a fundamental, common system? Practice shows that the technology of the blockchain is perfect for this.

The technology, according to experts, is the third stage of development that already allows you to create an entire platform that’s superior in its functionality and efficiency of a FINTECH start-UPS and are ready to make a serious competition to the banking sector. Such a platform now is created by specialists of the company Bloomzed.

The project Bloomzed is a modular solution to cover all the needs related to the financial activities of both individuals and legal entities in the international format. The creators have set themselves the ambitious task of using modern technologies of storage, processing and data analysis. Next will be the solutions which were used already successfully tested the first customers of the company.

Initially, the platform was built with the interests of the business. However, no one would argue that no organization exists without customers. Analysis of the proposed Bloomzed solutions for individuals allows be divided into services for individuals in six directions, all of which were used advanced technological solutions, namely:

  • Identity services (Biometrics, Tokenization, multi-level Authentication, Digital authentication data);

  • Financial services (multi-platform and multi-application, Cryptocurrency, technology support NFC, QR, USSD, Bluetooth Smart, and others. Available — payments, transfers and storage of all types of funds);

  • Investment services (currency exchange Center, the Virtual Depository, Direct and institutional investment, asset management);

  • The delivery of services (credit, Insurance, a Digital store and services, Tickets, etc.);

  • Loyalty systems (a single system of loyalty (discounts, bonuses, kasaki), a multi-level system of Kazbekov and bonuses, Gift certificates, Subscriptions, and Direct communication with providers);

  • Accounting system (Personal bookkeeper, Detailed statistics, a Transparent accounting system).

The project Bloomzed not just undertakes to provide the best service according to the services rendered by its professionals and with the assistance of solutions from the pioneers in the development of the above mentioned technologies, but also ensures a smooth transition to the platform by supporting the current and common standards (support of International payment systems, money transfer Systems and e-wallet Platforms currency exchange and Exchange hubs).

The focus of the platform Bloomzed — creation and business development

Services for legal entities and entrepreneurs, the number of supported standards and services will fit in one article, so the consideration only the main modules:

  • Identification services (including the increased amount of information regarding individuals);

  • Financial services (Independent multiplatform application, Acquiring, of Physical solution for the creation, storage and accounting of financial transactions);

  • Investment services (full access to the financial and investment markets to ensure the full functioning of the company and increasing profitability);

  • Services Crowdfunding and Kapitalmarkte (system for the collection of funds, the publication shares of the company to raise capital and partner search);

  • Platform to create store (Create, operate, and Scale virtual and physical customer service point);

  • Sales channels and markets (a Digital store of products and services, finding customers, audience analysis, advertising and marketing tools);

  • Loyalty systems (a single loyalty system, Gift certificates, Direct communication with customers and suppliers);

  • Accounting system (Detailed statistics, Transparent accounting system, accounting Services and auditing).

Moreover, the makers of Bloomzed understand that if the realities of our time allow some way to blur the legal and temporal boundaries for clients-physical persons with the help of advanced technological solutions and standards, for business owners and entrepreneurs it is not enough. That is why the company outlined a series of actions for legalization of the business and its legal transparency, which gives the possibility of choice for customers: to open an activity or to protect their activity from close observation of Supervisory authorities.

Explicitly, there is some correlation of services provided to individuals and legal entities that is not accidental. As usual, technologically ambitious project is difficult to describe in one article, and now you can catch some sense of the interrelationship of all modules of the platform, but if you read the Whitepaper the company Bloomzed can be sure that this relationship is community platform designed to the last detail, and every process the creators to squeeze the maximum efficiency for a process and all related directions, and their consumers.

Opportunities Bloomzed and privileges Bloomzed Crypto Club

Thus, the above-disclosed the potential of the platform, but what the company offers at the moment? Already developed and implemented most of the technologies and the testing and final debugging mechanism for trouble-free and speedy working platform. Now (since January 17, 2018 February 17, 2018) is the second round of initial issue its own crypto-token event called Token Generation Event (TGE), which is expected to sell 45 000 000 tokens BZT.

Platform Bloomzed plans to issue 100 000 000 token BZT, of which 50 000 000 BZT will be available for club members Bloomzed Crypto Club, the rest of the tokens will go to the continued development and promotion platform for the international financial services market. Tokens created to support community visionaries of financial technologies and to provide them with privileged conditions of use, exclusive features and bonuses, as opposed to ordinary users of the platform. The most attractive features are:

  • Special conditions for products and services of the marketplace company (bonuses and discounts, privileged offers);

  • Reduced fees for services;

  • Increased profitability from financial instruments of the platform;

  • Access to tiered loyalty system of Kazbekov and bonuses;

  • Directly involved in the development of the company by voting and offers their ideas;

  • Access to test the features and functions with restricted access.

Moreover, until February 17, 2018. (end of the second round of selling tokens) has additional bonuses when you purchase:

  • 3 000-5 000 tokens BZT – 3 % bonus;

  • 5 001-10 000 tokens BZT – 5 % bonus;

  • 10 001-15 000 tokens BZT – 7 % bonus;

  • from 15 001 token BZT and more – 10 % bonus.

The project also has a referral bonus (affiliate) program. The cost of the token during the second round is 1 BZT = 0.002 ETH. The minimum number of tokens to buy 250 BZT, which is equivalent to 0.5 ETH, the maximum is limited only by the presence of BZT released.

Summarizing, we can confidently say that the positive prospects of market development of electronic Commerce and financial services do not allow to doubt in the successful development of the platform Bloomzed. And successfully completed the first round of tokens sale BZT testifies to the warm reception from current investors, which in turn ensures the interest of future customers.

Learn more about the project, its concept and road map, as well as to participate in the second round of tokens sale BZT at the best prices on the official website Bloomzed and on the project pages in social networks.

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