The project Crypterra launches ICO to create an independent infrastructure for cryptocurrencies

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The emergence of decentralized systems, including cryptocurrency marked a new stage in the development of Internet technologies. Today obvious is the fact that cryptocurrencies are firmly occupied its position in the market, having passed its «point of no return», and their relevance to different economies will only grow. All of this certainly has to do with the opportunities offered by decentralized trade and technology of the blockchain. However, further development of cryptocurrencies and their rapid growth in the last few years has led to the emergence of a number of problems.

Cryptocurrency and associated problems

Definitely growing in a huge scale cryptoamnesia gave rise to global popularity of process mining is the most common cryptocurrencies. And if on the stage of their origin, the implementation of this process required the presence of a pair of three powerful graphics cards, today this is not enough. Mine the cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive, this process requires a huge capacity, expensive equipment, premises, supporting certain temperature conditions, and also, a tremendous amount of electricity. So, at the annual mining Bitcoin and Ether together takes more electricity than they consume countries such as Jordan, Iceland and Syria.

Only mine bitcoins worldwide is currently in need of approximately 29,05 TWh of energy per year, equivalent to 0.13% of the world electricity consumption on Earth. And if you imagine that all crypto currency miners would live in one country and carried out the mining process in its framework, it would take 61 place in the world in terms of energy. In this case, the amount of electricity required for the implementation of mining, is constantly growing. All this suggests that if such technologies are applied in the framework of this insane energy consumption for mining, will be used on a global scale, it could kill the planet.

Such a rapid and massive spread of the cryptocurrency, as well as their occurrence in the economy of many countries, could not be troubled by their government. In this regard, the authorities of various countries are trying to control cryptocurrency. The state, acting as the main monopoly in the energy sector, takes control of the process cryptoeconomy through the institutions of communication and electricity. So, in the developed Western European countries, where electricity and not so cheap, the increase in tariffs against the background of popularization of mining leads to the fact that the implementation of this process in these countries becomes completely unprofitable. In addition, there are known cases of closure from the state of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, imposing a ban on the holding of ICO in the country. Can we be sure that tomorrow will come new regulations that will limit activity with cryptocurrency in your country?

Crypterra answer calls cryptoeconomy

Guided carried out a detailed study about the existing problems of the stock market, only a small part of which was described above, and the full results are presented in a Whitepaper deployed, the creators of the project Crypterra realized the necessity of creating an independent infrastructure for cryptocurrencies which does not use and does not load the main sources of energy and is not affected by the state and the law. So, the founders Crypterra going to build an island, and in the future the whole ecosystem of the Islands, where we will not have to rely on electricity tariffs and rental prices, due to which in the framework of such infrastructure can be implemented in any project.

Fully enclosed decentralized infrastructure is that the plan to create the founders Crypterra. Within this infrastructure, the miners will not be independent from state institutions or from other external factors. And the creators Crypterra seriously came to the realization, with the realization that to maintain a project of this complexity, the fundamental factor is electricity.

In the study of the Whitepaper project, formed a pretty strong opinion about what the creators Crypterra not just trying to create a new independent infrastructure for cryptocurrencies, but at the same time and solve related process mining the problem of environmental pollution, which contribute most of the existing large cryptoform. Thus, in the framework of Crypterra will only be used for alternative, including environmentally friendly energy sources that do not depend on any external factors. That is built by the creators Crypterra ecosystems to obtain energy classic (fuel) means and to use the energy of sun, wind and water (waves, tides) for its generation. For this the found the best site for the construction of infrastructure Crypterra, where the geographical characteristics allow the best use of the energy of these elements for the best performance regarding electricity generation.

What else will be implemented in the framework of Crypterra?

Team of project experts in the development of infrastructure Crypterra takes into account all possible issues associated with its creation. After the purchase of the island, the first thing planned is the construction of environmentally friendly power sources, because such infrastructure will require large amounts of electricity. Then, the bunkers will be constructed under farm and data storage, which will constitute a monolithic structure of metal and concrete with a wall thickness of 25-30 cm, with its own ventilation system, cooling, complete with sound, water and radio isolation. The data structure can ensure the constancy of temperature will facilitate the cooling, as well as protect from external pressures, such as natural disasters.

In parallel with the construction of the premises, but before you run Mininova equipment, it is planned to establish the relationship of the island with the outside world through the installation of satellite communication via VSAT technology, which is Autonomous and not depend on cable networks. It is the VSAT technology is used by many companies for communication in any part of the world. It is also planned to create a tourism zone for owners of tokens Crypterra, an offshore cryptocurrency exchanges and more. More detail with all the project plans can be found by examining Whtitepaper and Roadmap.

Crypterra ICO: tokens and conditions of sale

Selling tokens Crypterra (CPTX) is carried out with the aim of collecting initial capital for the project. The number of issued tokens and is limited to 600 000 000 CPTX. Tokens that are not sold in the ICO will be subsequently destroyed. Private Sale will begin within a few days, March 19, 2018, and will last only for two weeks (until April 2), under which investors will be offered the best price for a token of $0.02. Then start ICO, which will last for 3 months (with 02.04.2018 for 02.07.2018), and will be held in 7 stages, as of the end of each of which the price of a token will increase from $0.06 to $0.20 per single CPTX by the end of the ICO.

These creators Crypterra stimulate potential investors to participate in ICO as early as possible, on more favorable terms. In addition, Crypterra offers Bounty program for those who want to support the project in various social networks. Read more Crypterra, study, Whitepaper, and take part in the ICO, on the official website of the project.

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