The project Everipedia raises $30 million to launch the encyclopedia on the blockchain

Project online encyklopedii Everipedia attracted investments in the amount of $ 30 million from a group of strategic investors led by Fund EOS.IO Ecosystem Fund company Galaxy Digital, with the participation of the Fund Distributed Network Advisors (DNA) Fund and a number of other companies. According to a startup, the funds will be used to run an open network blockchain Everipedia and the development community on a global scale.

California startup Everipedia said that is going to change the traditional model of the online encyclopedia with the new decentralized and transparent Protocol to access and exchange information.

President and co-founder Everipedia Sam Kazmin (Sam Kazemian) believes «the destruction of the traditional centralized Internet services is inevitable trend.» The new funding will help the startup to be «in the center of these changes,» he adds.

In December 2017, the company Everipedia announced plans to use to create the peering server for the platform, including licenzirovanie control system.

According to the head of strategic partnerships of the company and managing Digital Galaxy Fund Galaxy EOS.IO Ecosystem Fund Sam Englebardt (Sam Englebardt) project Everipedia «coming to EOS…. io in the technological and ideological terms.»

Last month the company Galaxy Digital and announced the formation of the Fund EOS.IO Ecosystem Fund with a capital of 325 million dollars. The new company is engaged in the development of the ecosystem and the creation of a strategic investment in projects ON the blockchain

At the end of 2017 to the project Everipedia joined co-founder of Wikipedia Larry sander (Larry Sanger) to help in the creation of peer-to-peer distributed network wiki. Sander believes that the new capital will allow the company to build «the infrastructure for something very necessary that it was necessary to create for a long time: global, decentralized, neutral forum that can reliably open the best of our knowledge».

Protocol Everipedia will have the additional structure of incentives and the distributed server inside the blockchain. As a reward for checking articles users will receive cryptocurrency IQ. Token-IQ is designed to encourage the formation of an information base. As the company claims, the new model will provide the possibility of creating a fully Autonomous encyclopedia, does not require advertising or donations.

The project Everipedia was founded in 2015 as an alternative to Wikipedia. To date, the company has three million monthly users and more than six million wiki articles, excelling in content English Wikipedia.

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