The project «Sintastic» in the field of synthesis of precious metals has successfully completed Pre-Sale and launches ICO

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With the popularity of the ICO as an instrument of attracting investments, on taransay began to leave projects not only from the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, but also from the real sector of the economy. One such project — «Sinteza», a research center that develops innovative technology of synthesis of precious metals and valuable chemical elements. Pre-ICO has already taken place in the course of sales has raised more than $ 400,000 in (Hard Cap) before the official start of the campaign. Of particular interest to the project was shown by investors from Russia, China and Japan.

About the technology

The phenomenon of low-energy nuclear reactions, or cold fusion, has become seriously investigated by leading research institutions recently. Amount of experimental material is huge, there is a powerful theory, in strict accordance with the standard physical model. Today there are even successful attempts to commercialize the phenomenon. Italian entrepreneur Andrea Rossi in collaboration with physicist S. Fokkardi, has managed to create a reactor, releasing heat energy.

Cold fusion has another use: the process is accompanied by nuclear transmutations of elements. Many experimenters have noted that they were including the valuable platinum group elements.

«Sintastic» focused on the development of transmutation technology for obtaining platinum metals. This technology will allow to obtain platinum and other precious elements, cheap raw materials. This is possible today using high-energy nuclear reactions (nuclear fusion), but it’s incredibly expensive. Researchers from «Sinteza» found a way to reduce the cost of trasmutation elements using low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR). These are the reactions that occur at room temperatures and do not require a lot of energy. There were several hundreds of experiments and was obtained the platinum group metals. In the matrix, consisting of low-value elements like iron, copper, tungsten, etc., after treatment there were new elements, including a precious platinum, iridium, ruthenium, etc. That is carried out the artificial production of a valuable chemical elements of the platinum group. ICO is to continue research and transfer of technology from the experimental to the industrial level.

Market analysis

Today the world produces and uses about 200 tons of platinum a year, about the same amount of palladium and about 50 tons of other platinum metals. Overall, approximately 450 tons. Prices range from $ 900 to $ 1,500 per Troy ounce. The global market for platinum metals is estimated at about 14 billion dollars. However, in all positions there is a serious deficit, as the platinum group metals have unique physical and chemical properties and are indispensable in such fields as medicine, jewelry industry, oil refining, electronics and instrumentation etc. a Constant demand and a growing deficit leads to consistently high price.

In many industries, this unique precious metal was not found, and he will still be actively used. While platinum metals are rare in nature and in almost pure form do not occur. Palladium and platinum are traded on all major exchanges, there are hundreds of funds that provide long-term investment in these metals with a horizon of 10-20 years. Metal is considered the most conservative asset demand increases in periods of crisis and uncertainty in other markets.

Roadmap and perspectives of the project

The project has tremendous medium and long term and not subject to influence of governments and other regulators cryptocurrency market. The STT token is token dividend giving right to profit from the resulting technologies and secured by real assets of the modern scientific laboratory and research base. If in the short term you can make money on speculation of virtually all coins and tokens in the long term will remain one of today’s ICO. One such project — «Sintastic» .

Currently, the team faces a new challenge. It is necessary to translate the research results into a technology and manufacturing. This requires costly analytical and industrial equipment, as well as a separate laboratory complex. The creation of such laboratory will attract huge number of experts from around the world.

The profit from the development and use of such technology will be hundreds and thousands of percent. Capitalization will increase manifold after the beginning of the laboratory work. The first dividends with the production of investors will get in early 2020.

Official resources and contacts

To familiarize with the concept and results of the work of the team «Sinteza», to learn more about participation in the ICO and the team at the project site, in social networks and in the White paper:

ICO project

White Paper

Details of licensee

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