The proposals of the Association of FINTECH became law on remote authentication

The members of the Association of FINTECH (AFL) took an active part in the development approved on December 26 the Council of the Federation of law implementing mechanism for remote authentication of individuals for remote delivery of banking services.

The mechanism of remote authentication will allow individuals to open accounts, deposits to get loans and make transfers at any Bank remotely after logging in a Single system of identification and authentication (ESIA) and confirm their biometric data with your smartphone, tablet, or computer with installed camera and microphone.

To use remote authentication, you must first one time pass face-to-face identification in one of the authorized banks. This Bank will register the customer in the IAIS, will take biometric samples (face and voice) and send them in a single biometric system.

Remote identification and management of digital identities is one of the main directions of development of activity of the Association of FINTECH, in which financial market participants – members of the aft have been consolidated proposals on introduction of a mechanism of remote authentication that was supported and taken into account in the adopted law. So, there was an extended list of services (services such as loans and transfers) provided to the remote identification, defined requirements for the protection of personal data, as well as the ability to obtain the ESIA updated information about all registered in the system of customers with their consent.

The possibility of obtaining such services will be available in the summer of 2018.

«In order to create efficient and convenient for citizens and the market mechanism was necessary discussion of the bill with market participants on the platform aft, – said Ivan Zimin, Deputy head of Center of financial technologies, Bank of Russia. – Developing approaches and mechanisms for remote authentication, the Bank of Russia paid great attention received in the course of the discussion the recommendations and suggestions».

The remote authentication mechanism will significantly improve affordability for Russian citizens, including for people with disabilities, the elderly and disabled population. In addition, for citizens conducting all the necessary procedures will be free and voluntary. Thus, the Association of FINTECH in the formation of the recommendations took into account not only the interests of its members, but the interests of the citizens. This approach will allow to efficiently develop Russian financial market.

«The law that allow for the remote identification of customers enables Russian banks to reach a new stage in the development of customer service and become closer, faster and more convenient to provide the products and services to customers – responsible Maria Shevchenko, Deputy Chairman of the management Board of Alfa Bank. — At the same time for the banking market increased flexibility and ease of access of clients to banking products will increase competition between banks. Obviously, this will lead to the launch of even more interesting suggestions and improvement of banking services.»

«Members of the Association of FINTECH see a great potential for remote identification and its influence on the development of the banking sector, – said Sergey Solonin, CEO of the Association of FINTECH. – This is why the directions for remote authentication, we have been working with the Bank of Russia and Rostelecom for the development of simple and convenient, from the client point of view, solutions.

Direction remote identification and management of digital identity has become one of the most progressive, which, as we have seen, has already brought significant results. Aft will actively develop this direction further, we will continue the work of the members of the AFL in the preparation of offers in normative documents and regulations in the framework of the bill.»

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