The Railways will start using the blockchain and smart contracts to management contracts

The state company «the Russian Railways» at the beginning of June announced the intention to start using the blockchain platforms in their work.

The idea about the launch of digital services was announced in March of this year. It should be noted the fact that two weeks ago the management of Russian Railways has said it is ready to accept payment for their services is a cryptocurrency if it will be legalized in Russia.

Now the company is betting on blockchain technology, the distributed registry can be used not only for the formation of customer databases, but also for logistics purposes.

Evgeny Charkin, who served as Director of the Department for information technology of Russian Railways, said: «soon the company will start operations with digital money, but it will happen only after taking appropriate legal and regulatory framework».

But the blockchain can be used by the company now. And the first application of the blockchain is already being worked out, said a top Manager.

Every month, Railways will be able to make up to 5 thousand smart contracts with its partners. This form of interaction with contractors will not only automate, but also significantly speed up the process of conducting the contractual relationship.

Now in Russia there are services and platforms that allow you to directly buy tickets for the train for bitcoin as digital cash are not full-fledged means of payment in our country. In Europe, there are services such as One that allows to buy train tickets for the cryptocurrency in Spain, Belgium, Italy and many other European countries. However, operators of Railways in the country do not accept payment in cryptocurrency.

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