The release 1.0 of the application for the auctions Auctionity project DomRaider

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Two weeks ago, the project DomRaider announced the release of MVP (Minimal Viable Product) at the end of January 2018. From this day on the forums there was an active discussion of this event. At the same time, the company has not left a comment on the product itself, putting aside all the fun on the release of this decision. It was more interesting to expect the event itself.

And now, 31.01.2018 French company DomRaider carries the official release of the Minimal Viable Product. This minimum viable product is a new blockchain is the solution to successfully operating company in the field of «dropcatching». The company, which for four years he practiced high-speed competitive purchase domain names with expired registrations and their subsequent resale, in the middle of 2017 have decided to radically change the concept and create a decentralized ecosystem of the auctions on the blockchain.

To bring the idea to life, the company provided an opportunity for a successful ICO in the fall of 2017, which has attracted multimillion-dollar investments in the development of the site. The success of the ICO DomRaider was determined by the status of European leader in its field of an existing company with a working product, large-scale and multinational team, broad geographic presence of the project on the market, and also competent marketing campaign is a great idea, analogues of which are absent.

Current and future opportunities MVP

Minimal Viable Product is the first working version of the application for conducting auctions on the blockchain with the appropriate name «Auctionity». MVP is designed for a wide audience: it installation easy to implement, and it is very easy to use. Thus, anyone who wants to sell anything through the auction will be able to do this with a MVP, which allows you to run simple Protocol of the auction on a transparent private blockchain Ethereum. Used within the application blockchain ensures the reliability and transparency of the system both for buyers and for sellers.

Ready solution in the form of MVP now allows its users in a few steps to create an auction on the blockchain, a quick bidding by Auctionity account to participate in the secure process of the auction, which is implemented by means of universal and personal verification of the absence of cancellations and failures, of the winning for the highest price, and the presence widget allows cross-site integration. Thus, with the release of MVP DomRaider fulfilled its first task, and now proceed to the development of basic functions.

Will continue to work to achieve technological progress. The most important feature that will be introduced in the near future, will be a guarantee of payment, which sellers require proof of funds at time of bidding buyers. So, if the buyer wants to make a bet, it will first be asked to make a Deposit into the smart contract LiveNet, which will be linked to an individual bloccano Auctionity using Oracle. Thus, at the end of bidding the seller is automatically credited with the Deposit of the buyer. In the beginning this function is not mandatory and its use will be available only for auctions in DRT. Subsequently, the guarantee of payment planned for other tokens on the standard ERC20 specifically for Broadcast and other cryptocurrencies. Thus there is the possibility of requesting a partial guarantee percentage of the total amount.

Improvements to the technical side of the application Auctionity, the developers plan to soon open its API that will allow integration with the big players of the world of auctions. In addition, this solution will provide the organizers of the auction to circumvent the standard widget, creating its own unique interface. As for the widget, DomRaider will offer a number of standard templates, and users who are not familiar with coding, can slightly personalize it for yourself. Ultimately, the product needs a Block Explorer, Proxy bidding, an open node Geth and access to other sites, and soon DomRaider all provide.

To ensure that everyone was able to join the site, blockchain auction Auctionity should be fully decentralized. Over this already the company works in close cooperation with scientific computer laboratory LIMOS (Laboratory for computer Science, Modelization and Optimisation of Systems, France). Plans DomRaider LIMOS and the implementation of the joint work on finding solutions to create a completely safe, most economical, fast and decentralized blockchain auction.

Other events in DomRaider in 2018

Along with the release of MVP, DomRaider announced the launch of three new websites under the events of the rebranding. So, for each of the new directions group DomRaider now there is an official landing. The first of them contains all the necessary information about the application «Auctionity» and its further development. The second is devoted to the current activities DomRaider «dropcatching», which now bears the name «YouDot». And the last one corresponds to the name of the token, «DRT», which will present various data on the token project, including announcements of its integration to the new trading platform.

Implementation of a new blockchain concept DomRaider led to the need to implement an internal reorganization of the company. The project needs talented it developers, product managers, marketers and personnel in the administration division. In this regard, at the moment DomRaider announced 41 current position, which is under active recruitment. Thus, in 2018, the project team will grow by more than two times, allowing DomRaider to keep all of the alleged Road map promises.

The development of partnerships is also an important goal when implementing a new concept of the project. In order to broaden application of the platform Auctionity, DomRaider is in talks with potential partners, planning the first technical tests in the near future. The enhancement of such partnerships is the goal DomRaider in the development of this direction, for which the company will conduct various activities for future partners to convince them of the advantages of the developed solution based on the blockchain.

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