The Royal family of Lichtenstein was interested in investing in cryptocurrency

The crown Prince of Liechtenstein, microvascularity in Central Europe, showed interest in investing in alternative asset classes, in particular, bitcoin. Crown Prince Alois said

«The new digital economy – the ability to see into the future and bring him.»

Alois acknowledged that investing in crypto currencies is still extremely risky. However, the technology underlying many cryptocurrency — the blockchain can be used to optimize certain industries, including government of Liechtenstein. He mentioned that the Royal family does not own experts, who would help her to understand the world of digital assets, but this may change in the near future.

After a frantic rally of bitcoin in the last few months, many companies and even some countries have begun to pay attention to bitcoin and the blockchain technology. Several governments, for example Russia
and Venezuela, announced plans for the development of public digital currencies, while huge corporations are considering implementing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to its existing infrastructure for payments.

People all over the world, including the Royal family of Liechtenstein, you quickly begin to understand that despite the price fluctuations bitcoin has no plans to disappear. And those who do not pay attention to this technological revolution, can be left with nothing.

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