The Russian businessman has filed a lawsuit against Google for advertising ban cryptocurrencies

Businessman Vladimir Nut filed a lawsuit against the Russian subsidiary of Google («Google»), which accused the company of causing him moral damages in the amount of 2 billion rubles for the damage to the business damage after the advertising ban cryptocurrency.

Nuts the firm’s investments in cryptocurrency projects. Due to the prohibition of advertising of crypto-currencies and ICO to Google the owner «suddenly lost access to potential investors», and because he is a investor, this prohibition deprives him of useful information about companies coming to ICO, respectively and a promising investment «in the future will affect the income». 2 billion rubles was calculated on the basis of lost profits of the project.

Nut believes such a ban illegal and in violation of his rights – in particular, the right to receive information. He insists on the lifting of the ban on advertising of crypto-currencies.

According to a partner of the law firm «Buz’ko and partners» Roman Buz’ko, a claim has no chance.

Firstly, it is impossible to oblige the distributor of advertising to spread the advertisement on one or another subject, says the lawyer. Secondly, in commercial Affairs does not show up demands for damages, it would be more logical to declare loss of economic benefits that the businessman suffered from the prohibition of advertising,» he says.

Managing partner at Nektorov, Saveliev & Partners Alexander Nektorov support a colleague.

«Since Google banned advertising in June of this year, there are damages, which are claimed by the owner, yet, emphasizes the lawyer. – Moreover, the lawsuit does not explain how the prohibition of advertising associated with the amount of the damage alleged. The claim of 2 billion rubles of moral damage in Russia – all kinds of fiction».

Yandex next?

Meanwhile, some media reported that Yandex has also started to refuse to accept the placement of advertising of crypto-currencies and related topics that emphasize the attention on them – education, forums, consulting, miners.

This became known from the screenshot of the correspondence with customer service Yandex dated to the end of January. In response to one of user support says that this decision reflects the policy of the company and is final. However, the company has officially announced about the limitations of advertising cryptocurrency projects, and if such a policy exists, it remains an internal document of the company.

It should also be noted that the advertising ban only affects the promotion of certain companies and does not restrict the dissemination of information on cryptocurrencies. Both Google and Yandex, the only limits are contextual advertising and do not affect search results.

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