The Russian New mining company will be engaged in mining in Norway

The Russian New mining company intends to invest €105 million in the development of the Norwegian data centers for cryptocurrency mining. In February 2018 Russian investors plan to invest €30 million to embed the mobile data processing centre in the Norwegian municipality of Alvdal, and in 2019, additional investments will be €75 million.

New Mining partner will be the Norwegian company Nordavind that creates a heavy-duty data centers in the regions of Norway with the best combination of cost of electricity, construction, climate and geographic location. The cost of 1 kWh for business in Norway is now quite profitable, accounting for taxes 0.29 crowns (about 2.5 rubles at the current exchange rate) and it’s 100% green energy, generated by numerous hydroelectric power stations of the country.

«We are confident that this project will create new jobs and will contribute to the development of the region, – says the co-founder of the New Mining Denis Wimps. – Kriptonyte now a very attractive destination, and we think that there will be able to work with people from all over Norway. Sure that in this country there are all factors that allow you to achieve outstanding success is as good access to renewable energy, and other than in Russia, the working culture».

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